Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

Think Twice (Englisch)

 Original von meinem Livejournal:
Hi there!

After watching Majo Saiban,.. I absolutely wanted a "Think Twice"- Shirt
This one:

And so it came that i make my own one...Yoshhh!

And this is the result:

What i needed:

1. A old orange Shirt stolen from my Brother *muaha*
2. A printer
3. Photoshop, to make the Motive.
That´s the Motive i made:

4. One T-Shirt Foil ( ca. 10€  for 5 pieces)
5. Patience (I have cut out all letters individually)
6. A Iron (and also skills with the Iron *laughs*)

That´s it!

I had fun, and i think the result is okay...but it could be better ;)

Maybe you want to make your own t-shirt too, then feel free to take my Tipps ;)

Ja Ne!


  1. do you have a larger picture of your motive ? :DDD

  2. Sorry, for some reason i don´t find the Motiv on my Computer :(
    But i have the rar version here:
    This is the Version i made before, i think it should work, because the Vintage style comes when you wash your shirt a couple times..
    Just make sure you print the letters on a white foil and cut it severally..i hope this may help a little ;)

  3. THAAAAAAANKKK YOUU !. by the wayy what`s yerr real name ? ahahah l;DD

  4. Your welcome :D

    I´ll called May from everybody, so this is my "real" Name, i don´t like my other name, therefore i keep it as secret from everyone besides my family ..
    ..gomene ;)

  5. Ooohh, ahaha :DD so its May `) toma is really one of my favorite artist .. hbu ?

  6. Yeahh Toma is kakkoiii!<3 I really love him. He is my favorite artist since i watched Hana Kimi! *__*

  7. yeah me too ! his character really fits Hana Kimi !


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