Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

New Random post about my Room ^^ and such..

Aus Meinem Livejournal daher in Englisch^^

Anon asks..May answers :D
Anon you asked me:

You mean the Rainbow behind me in this video?..
Yeah..i actually have some pictures..
That’s the rainbow in my room ..
And that’s my Arashi stuff..

I don’t have that much Arashi Merchandising yet..but i work on it xD
(wait for my new parcels to receive *__*)

That's my somehow Nino Tribute corner xD
I really like my Bicycle Playing Cards (these are the same Nino uses for his Magic <3) And as you can see i buy many things in Arashi colours For example my nail polish and memo’s ^^Same with my socks xD
I wear Nino today and Ohno is just in the laundry xD
And my wall..Part 2...

...i changed it a little bit..
See the cute Nino poster? ..
i got this from my brother for x-mas...*__* Together with this one..

The Arashi Non-no Magazin Februay 2012 Issue!!!
Thanks so much Onii-chan

And this is what i've got from my friends Sabi and Sarah for x-mas..

A arashi cup (coffee tastes so much better now..) and a Nino pillow *_*(love to cuddle with it) So cute, this twooo!
I was so happy that they knwo what i really wanted for x-mas xD

A Random pic of me feeling like i'm in heaven *__*

And another random pic in which i freak out because of my 24hrs TV shirt..

And at least my weird freak out..
I have such days sometimes i just feel like "dancing" in front of my webcam..
In this case i wanted to show my love for this song xD


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