Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010

TOP 3 luckiest J-Girls ;P (Englisch)

 Original von meinem Livejournal:

Today i think about...:who are the luckiest J-Actresses,..and now i come to that result...

My Top 3 luckiest J-Girls: (just my liking ;))

3rd. PLACE
For playing Makino in Hana Yori Dango...

~Inoue Mao~
Who would not have a F4 group on your side?

 Sweet Moments with MatsuJun and Oguri Shun in HYD!! __

Oh and i forgot...also plays in one epi with To-chan together *__*

2nd. PLACE
Ever acting with cute guys ;)
~Aragaki Yui~
<--Here with Yamapi & Teppei-kun in "Dragon Zakura"

In Koizora with Miura Haruma

^__^ Smile with Matsumoto Jun

..and definitely her luckiest Role (just my liking ^^)with Toma-kun in Hanamizuki!!_

1st. PLACE
..not only my favorite actress because of that, ...but she must be so lucky for having so cute co-Actors xD

~Horikita Maki ~
as Mizuki in Hana kimi,..surrounded by Ikemen *__*

With Toma in "Hana Kimi", who really loves her in his role as Nakatsu <3<3

With Kenichi Matsuyama in the Movie "Nakushita Kioku" and "Pepsi CM"! ^^

Shun-kun and she @ Hana Kimi,. the super cute kiss...*__* altough i would had choosen Nakatsu *laughs*

♡__♡And Yamapi carries her on his hands ♥♥♥

That´s it! :)

If you wnat leave comments,..what do you think,..who are the luckiest Girls in the whole worlds? xD



Ps: Bonus...

♥♥♥...and who is here the Lucky Person?? xD

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